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 The school is improving rapidly. All groups of pupils achieve well from their starting points in Year 5 and their attainment is on a rising trend. By the end of Year 8 a good proportion exceed the level expected for their age in English and in mathematics.
 Behaviour is good in and out of the classroom. In lessons where the work set is challenging, pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. Pupils are friendly, caring and supportive of each other. They have no concerns about bullying; they have complete trust in teachers to look after them and say they feel very safe at school.
 Good teaching and well-planned lessons mean pupils are motivated to learn and progress at a good rate. Teaching assistants give wellplanned support to pupils who are disabled or have special educational needs. This ensures that these pupils make the same good progress as others in their learning.
 The headteacher has an unrelenting focus on raising pupils’ attainment and achievement. He inspires staff and pupils to strive to be the best they can be. All leaders demonstrate the ambition and skill to drive improvement and raise pupils’ achievement further.
 Governors, too, are ambitious for pupils to succeed. They know the school well and give good support to improve it further. The management of teachers’ performance is well used to increase the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils.